Blank Label


Samin Chemical offers its paraffin wax with oil content between 7 to 10% with just Blank Label and no printed carton box.

It is a good choice for different industries such as candle making companies, paint and wax companies and many other industries which are looking for paraffin wax with high oil content.

Samin Chemical Co. can provide this product in carton with shrink or PP bag based on customer preference.

Trade Name grade origin hs code packing optional packing gross weight net weight
paraffin wax semi-refined iran 2712.20.90.00 carton + shrink pp bag 27kg ± 3% 26.5kg ± 3%
Specification oil content (%) form color odor melting point kinematic
viscosities 100 ℃
100 ℃
flash point penetration congealing
method astm d721 - ip 17 - astm d87 astm d445 astm d1298 astm d92 astm d937 astm d938
value 6 ± 1 solid 1.0y normal 58 - 62 6 - 9 860 - 870 min 200 max 45 mm/s 56 ℃



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